Leadership is the key to effective organisational performance.

At workwellgroup we take a holistic view to development and integrate all aspects of an individual’s life including their work, professional development, and personal wellbeing.

We utilise diagnostics that enhance self-awareness and help individuals discover their strengths.


Diagnostics provide a “fitness assessment” of your mind, like stepping on the scales when working towards your ideal weight, providing a powerful launch-pad for personal change. We are accredited in tools that increase personal effectiveness.

  • Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory™– Self Description (LSI-1) – Research has shown that the more effective we think we are at what we do; the more likely we are to be successful in our careers and relationships. Our thinking style, or self-concept, directly impacts personal wellbeing. The LSI-1 provides a window into our mind – bringing to light the internal dialogue that either sustains us or holds us back.
  • Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory™– Description by Others (LSI-2) – The LSI-2 provides 360- degree view on how an individual is perceived by others including their manager, peers, and direct reports. Combined with LSI-1, this information provides clarity on how a leaders’ intention translates into behaviour, and the impact of this on relationships and effectiveness at work.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® – The MBTI is a globally recognised personality profile tool that enhances self-awareness and self-acceptance. The tool highlights the unique strengths and development opportunities of different personality types. It is powerful in individual coaching but also great for enhancing team effectiveness by helping teams appreciate the value of diversity.


workwellgroup work with leaders and leadership teams to practice the skillful art of motivating and engaging their people to deliver business results in an increasingly competitive global market.

We design and deliver “just in time” learning for senior teams reinforcing the established vision, mission, values and behaviours unique to each business.

We have worked with leaders and leadership groups who are captains of industry and championship winning coaches and players. Those leaders who are at the helm, we have found are most notably the ones who continue to seek coaching and feedback on their leadership, so that they can deliver even greater success.

Leadership Development should be continuous through life and workwellgroup will partner your organisation to enable its people to lead better.


Our approach to coaching is holistic, taking into account both the individual and the context in which they work and live. Whatever the goal of coaching, we work with people to make positive, lasting change to achieve their vision of life balance and fulfilment. In each coaching encounter, we provide assessment, challenge and support;  we partner with our clients to overcome self-limiting beliefs and habits that hold them back from achieving life ambition, business goals, and fulfilment through family and community relationships.

We provide:

  • Executive and leadership coaching: to build resilience and wellbeing of executives and senior leaders; to align leadership behaviours with organisational values and objectives; to improve leadership effectiveness.
  • Performance improvement coaching: to address specific areas of challenge in performance; leverage strengths; and enhance engagement and productivity.
  • Presentation and communication coaching: to build confidence, presence and impact of interpersonal communications and presentations.
  • Life coaching (including coaching for families); to help individuals and families make positive change; to balance the emerging needs and desires of all family members as children grow; to enhance enjoyment and fulfilment from family relationships.
  • Mentoring for rising stars; to support career progression of emerging leaders; to inspire young people to think creatively about their futures; to highlight the many pathways available to young people to achieve their life ambitions