Culture matters. It is as important as sales in achieving sustainable, long-term success

We build a culture strategy to achieve your business objectives by employing culture diagnostics and partner your organisation in activating that strategy through cultural alignment and KPIs.

A strong and well formed Culture Strategy defines accepted values and desired behaviours for your team. It attracts like-minded and elite professionals who value a well defined and maintained positive culture, and it leads to an open, honest and transparent organisational dynamic where employees are proud of their organisation and what they stand for.


An assessment of your of your actual culture (as apposed to perceived culture) will pinpoint the key levers (or causal factors) that will effect significant positive change to the culture and performance of your business.

workwellgroup are accredited in a set of scientifically normed, globally recognised culture diagnostics called the Human Synergistics Organisational Culture Inventory ® (OCI ®); Organisational Effectiveness Inventory ® (OEI ®) and Customer Service Styles™ (CSS) survey. Alternatively; we can work with your existing climate, engagement, or culture data to form a basis for culture recommendations.


Every business is unique. While there are some universal principles to human flourishing; what needs to be discovered is how they are relevant in each context.

workwellgroup engage and collaborate with your key internal stakeholders to create a culture map that has the buy-in and commitment of your senior team. This is important as they will ultimately hold accountability for making good on their promises and delivering on this plan!

workwellgroup bring a fresh approach adopting techniques that activate both right-brain creativity and left-brain logic. We utilise focus groups, interviews, online survey and workshops to build your culture map.


workwellgroup bring arms and legs to your operation when you need it most by providing support with:

  • Internal communications and key messages to engage your people in culture initiatives and change.
  • Design and facilitation of high impact programs and events – for example – conferences; social events; learning and development events; training programs; wellbeing initiatives.
  • Project management and reporting on progress to executive.