With bushfires raging and a state of emergency declared across NSW, it’s times like these that we realise and appreciate the importance and value of support.

Support is the fuel that sustains our capacity to meet life’s challenges, and not break from them.

On Tuesday my home was only 15kms from the nearest grass fire. It was quickly managed by local authorities, and thanks to the Fires Near Me NSW Rural Fire Service app – I can leave the house and get on with my life in the knowledge that I’ll receive an alert should I have something to worry about.

Yesterday, I woke up to an email from one of my all-time favorite clothing brands – Spell & The Gypsy Collective – donated $10,000 on behalf of their team and the Spell Community; $5,000 to the NSW Rural Fire Service and $5,000 to the Red Cross QLD and NSW Fire Relief. Not only did they raise awareness for the cause; but they showed us all that this is a brand we can be proud of supporting. They support the community in which they live.

I took my son in for a minor procedure yesterday – a tonsillectomy. The amazing doctors and nurses at John Flynn Hospital supported him through his fear by cracking jokes and showing genuine care.

He’s now going to need two weeks off school to recover. Nana is ready for him to come and stay for most of that time so I can continue working through one of my busiest months yet. My husband is launching a new organic baby cereal, so my neighbor has been taking my other son to and from school – just stepping in without even having to be asked.

Next week – I’m speaking at an event that came about through a referral from my good friend and accountant Ash Ross. Ash has been an incredible support – opening new ideas, networks and opportunities for me since I started out on my own.

My husband and business manager supports me in 100,000 ways. He is my rock. His employer – Brookfarm in Byron – supports us by letting him work part time so that he can put his extra time into building our business.

Support comes in many forms. While I work for myself; I’m under no illusions that what I do wouldn’t be possible without the support of my amazing community, clients, networks, friends, family and husband.

The same goes in any team, in any business, anywhere in the world. Your success depends on how strong your support network is. Don’t be an island. Reach out, lean in, leverage your mentors, your colleagues, your executive team, your board. Appreciate your supporters and accept their help.

Support is the very essence of paying it forward. We can only support others if we in turn are supported. It’s a positive cycle of generosity that keeps us all afloat.

On that note – thank you from the bottom of my heart to my support crew – you are my life blood and you know who you are.


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