Achieving the vision for your business can be a journey of unknowns. For workwellgroup, the camel is a symbol of this journey. Camels are resilient creatures, that carry heavy loads and survive the harshest of environments.

A camel is always prepared for its journey ahead, yet rarely knows exactly where it is going, the path it will take, or the challenges it will encounter along the way. In life, as in work, we need to be prepared for all of life’s challenges. At workwellgroup we believe this is best done on a foundation of wellbeing.

A camel, named Big John, once saved Clinton’s life in the Moroccan Sahara. A scorpion struck his foot one morning as he and Stephanie packed up camp in an ocean of sand.

Isham, the camel guide warned: “If a camel falls – it dies.” On this day, Big John walked the steepest sand ridges of the Sahara to take Clinton to safety – risking its life – to get Clinton to help.

Camels are only too aware of the harshness of their environment, yet always prepared to wander into the unknown, the shifting sands, to find their path.