We integrate wellbeing and mindfulness as the cornerstone of your organisational strategy to achieving sustained success

We facilitate on-site and off-site strategy and planning workshops with leadership teams that result in clarity, ownership and enthusiasm for the way ahead.

A priority for every business is to get everyone aligned so their individual mission is part of the company’s plan. We are expert facilitators who adopt a strengths based approach to fast track business success by getting to the core of what makes you successful, and capitalising on that. We challenge assumptions, invite diverse viewpoints; and ask insightful questions of discovery. We utilise group diagnostics to measure the groups effectiveness as tools to enhance the group dynamic.


Team effectiveness workshops using Human Synergistics Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) highlight the existing dynamic within the group and allows teams to pinpoint constructive styles that enhance decision making effectiveness and collaboration.

The GSI is a team based measure which assesses the behaviours observed by team members during a team decision-making session. This can be delivered as a full day or half day workshop. The full day workshop allows for team development planning and to create a strong link to the business and / or culture strategy.


Bringing your senior team together to think and plan for the future of the business is a critical time. Make the most of this time by breaking from familial behavioural patterns and habitual group dynamics that can limit learning and innovation. Fast track your business success by getting to the core of what makes you successful, and capitalise on that.

Team off-sites and retreats allow for the perfect balance of restoration, concentration and connection. This guarantees you will gain clarity, inspiration and innovation from your leadership team at the a time they need to deliver it most – in the formulation of strategy. workwellgroup plan, organise and deliver retreats in amazing locations across Australia and New Zealand. We specialise in Byron Bay, NSW as one of the most sought after healing and restorative destinations in the world. Byron Bay is accessible, affordable, and surrounded by natural beauty. There are myriad holistic and creative activities to create events that transform individuals and teams.


workwellgroup can successfully deliver a range of on-site workshops in your own offices or local facility which can help leaders and teams to:

  • Lead Mindfully – develop a mindful working environment
  • Find their Why – vision, mission and values that give their work purpose and meaning
  • Envisage their Future – Opportunity, Strategy, Goals, and targets that define the path ahead
  • Build brand – connect with new markets or increase existing market share
  • Plan projects – identify and scope projects, allocate resources and structures to deliver on those, manage stakeholders and risks
  • Capture SOPs – map or re-design standard processes and procedures to create operational efficiency
  • Manage crisis – create a message hierarchy and communications plan to manage through times of crisis
  • Manage change – map change; manage reactions to change; rewards and incentives